Hainesville (Crabbe Mountain), New Brunswick CANADA


Megan Billings Pottery

Unique functional pottery, finely crafted and intended to make you smile.

The Artist

Fine craft artist & potter Megan Billings creates her work in her studio in New Brunswick Canada.

About the Artist

My life of worldly poverty and artistic freedom began with an evening pottery class in High School. I immediately fell in love with clay and wanted to keep making pottery. But the poverty-thing sounded like a problem, so I attended the University of New Brunswick. While completing my Bachelor of Arts degree, however, I worked as a studio assistant to a very skilled potter named Marilyn Farrell. She taught me a great deal, and my love-affair with clay was renewed. 

In pursuit of my passion, I enrolled at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in 2003, and graduated  with a "Certificate in Studio Pottery" in 2005. Following graduation I renovated an old building on my parent's property in rural New Brunswick, and I've worked there ever since. 

I am a juried member of the Craft Councils of both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I am committed to making quality pottery that is unique, beautiful, cheerful, and functional. I believe strongly that hand-made functional pottery should be tested to ensure strength and durability.